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SIPs Contractors Explaining The Importance of Sealing and Ventilation

The time-served team at New Forest SIPs Ltd are specialists in SIPs installation. Our expert SIPs contractors use a jointing system to create the most effective and eco-friendly homes. We manage SIPs manufacturing and SIPs design to ensure all structures we provide in Southampton and the other areas we cover are optimised. One of the main benefits of SIPs structures is the extremely low U-values. To ensure the best values possible, an envelope with minimal air leakage and good ventilation needs to be created.

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Sealing and Ventilation

  • New SIPs panels help create a sealed, energy-efficient building envelope for domestic and commercial structures.

  • Incorporating consistent insulation and ensuring tight jointing minimises the risk of air leaks. 

  • This can make buildings 15 times more airtight than other building methods. 

  • Minimising air leakage is vital for energy efficiency, which means proper ventilation is also key. 

  • Proper mechanical ventilation will make sure buildings are healthy, comfortable and safe. 

  • Knowing the correct ventilations and sealing needs of new SIPs panels is crucial to creating the best buildings possible.

At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors manage bespoke SIPs design, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation. This means we can offer sustainable materials for customers to create their own DIY eco-friendly homes in and around Southampton. Our SIPs specialists recommend using our installation service to ensure SIP systems are solid, breathable and sealed properly, but we are happy to advise you if needed. 

Airtight Structures

Traditional construction with studs, joists and various other elements can be very difficult to seal. With SIPs, we fabricate large sections made of OSB and ODP zero polyurethane core to create pure insulation. This combination means that there are significantly fewer gaps to seal.

The SIPs we manufacture are built-to-order and delivered to sites as prefabricated sections, which we then seamlessly install with a jointing system. When assembled properly by our specialists, there are far fewer gaps than in traditional building methods, which minimises the risk of air leakage. Our in-house design team incorporates our effective SIP sealing methods to maximise energy efficiency.

The high-performance SIPs structures we create allow for smaller-size HVAC systems to be used compared to those needed in traditional structures. Classic building methods may result in HVAC systems overworking to try and keep up with the energy loss from air leakage. Our SIPs contractors and SIPs designers ensure that buildings are properly sealed while providing enough fresh air.

Our SIPs specialists are happy to discuss the SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installations we provide to create properly sealed and ventilated eco-friendly homes. Our experts use sustainable materials for domestic and commercial SIP systems in Southampton and all surrounding areas.

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