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The experts at New Forest SIPs Ltd manage SIPs installations to create all types of eco-friendly homes. Our SIPs contractors manage the installation of bespoke SIP systems to ensure a seamless finish. From design and manufacturing to delivering and installing SIPs, we undertake all works to create clients’ ideal structures for their properties in Winchester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Salisbury and all surrounding areas of Dorset and Wiltshire.

We pride ourselves on our precision and the attention to detail we pay during the design, fabrication and installation of SIPs. Prospective clients can call us on 01590 642087 to discuss their unique requirements.

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SIP Construction Time

As a prefabricated system, SIPs can be installed incredibly quickly. We precisely cut all elements to size before the SIPs arrive at the site. On average, SIP construction for a three-bedroom house can be completed in 10 days, ready to receive finishes. This can save customers a lot of money and mean they can move into their new homes quicker than with traditional building methods. 

Quick installations from our SIPs installers also help make buildings waterproof faster than other methods, allowing the rest of the building work to start quickly and keep buildings protected.

Importance of Professional Installation

Proper installation is crucial to ensuring the key SIP system benefits of airtightness and energy efficiency are achieved. With over 20 years of experience, our experts can manage SIPs installations quickly and easily.

We manufacture SIPs at our workshop, which means their prefabricated nature allows for the option of DIY projects. Our team of SIPs contractors can advise customers on installations to help make builds in and around Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester and Bournemouth as smooth as possible. 

Installation Process

Our experts have established a typical process to ensure seamless installations. Our process is as follows:

  • All of the SIPs we create are prefabricated at our workshop in the New Forest and are delivered to sites throughout the UK on our lorries.

  • With the subbase having already been dug, our team can then install the prefabricated walls and roof before carefully sealing it. 

  • Once the SIPs have been installed by our specialists, we can hand over the build to the client’s original builders and contractor.

  • The client’s builders can then carry on as usual, adding the doors, windows, electricals, plumbing and other elements.

At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors undertake all aspects of SIPs installations to ensure builds are durable, airtight and long-lasting. Our SIPs installers work with homeowners and commercial clients in Winchester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Salisbury and all surrounding areas of Dorset and Wiltshire.

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