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Barn Conversion in Dorset
an old barn sits in a field of grass
a construction site with construction equipment and workers
an aerial view of a house under construction
a building under construction with a crane on top of it
Right angled shot of building
a large wooden building with a garage on top of it
left angled shot of building

This build started out as a concrete frame barn. As per the Class Q rules introduced in 2014, the client was able to convert their agricultural building into a residential dwelling within permitted development.

The new barn keeps the overall footprint of the old one and encloses the original concrete frames, which have been kept as a feature.

One of the more impressive aspects of the build is the large open plan living area, supported by a 14 metre clear span steel; one of the largest steels we have ever installed.

The build also features a mezzanine area in the roof space of the central section with stunning views of the surrounding rural landscape.

From first delivery to site, the installation for this 275+ square meter property took under 5 weeks for the SIPs superstructure including the steel.

This project showed the flexibility of SIPs regarding accommodating existing features and also highlighted the speed of install.

Roof lift on the Isle of Wight
a roof that has been covered with white tarps
close up angle
the roof of a house is being built
a house under construction with a blue container in the foreground
a car is parked in front of a house under construction
a house under construction in a residential area
a house under construction with scaffolding on the roof
covered roof
a room that is under construction with wooden framing

This build involved adding a second habitable story to a bungalow, by replacing the roof with a SIPs roof.

The naturally vaulted design of SIPs gives plenty of space for habitable eaves, whilst also massively increasing the thermal performance of the property.

This was one of our most complex builds as it had six dormers of differing size and lots of angled cuts for the roof. Integrating a precision cut SIP with a traditional wall is always a challenge, but one we are quite used to. Over the last half a century the existing walls are likely to have shifted, settled and come out of square, and that was certainly the case with this project. This makes it a challenge form both a design and installation perspective.

We send as accurate and as well thought out kit as possible, but if any problems do arise on site, our experienced team of fitters are able to deal with them to ensure the client is left happy and the works progress smoothly. They also must ensure they maintain the all-important air tightness that our product is known for.

Weather was a significant obstacle on this job as many of the panels and steels needed lifting using a HIAB, due to the tight access and limited space at the roadside entrance to the property. Coordinating lifting equipment and ferry times during high winds added to the complexity of an already complex build. As always we were able to leave the client with a great result.

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