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FAQs about SIPs Installations for Building House Extensions

SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) can be used to build for eco-friendly construction of new homes, flooring, roofing, and to add extensions to existing builds. At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors can help you add extensions to your home in Salisbury or the other areas we cover with SIPs. We manage SIPs design, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation to create the additional space customers need in their homes. Our experts fabricate SIPs at our workshop in the New Forest that we then deliver to your site. The building materials we manufacture can be used to create eco-friendly homes and extensions.

Here, our team of SIPs designers and SIPS installers answers a few of the most commonly asked questions about using SIPs as a form of eco-friendly construction for house extensions.

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What Are The Benefits Of Structurally Insulated Panels for Home Extensions?

Extensions are the perfect solution if you need to create more space in your home because you have a growing family, are running out of space or have started working from home. They eliminate the stress and cost of moving out of the house you love and the place you have set down roots. Our bespoke SIPs are ideal for creating extensions because we prefabricate them at our workshop before installation. Building the shell of the extension is considerably quicker than using traditional building methods.

Some Benefits of SIP Extensions Include:

  • Pre-fabricating the SIPs at our workshop allows us to create superior, quality-controlled materials.

  • SIPs provide excellent thermal efficiency, so your build will stay warm throughout the colder months. 

  • We manufacture bespoke SIPs framework for each extension which can be constructed extremely quickly.

  • With manufacturing taking place at our premises, there will be zero waste on your site.

When you choose New Forest SIPs Ltd for your upcoming extensions, you will receive a custom in-house SIPs design service. Our SIPs contractors cater to all of your needs and wants to deliver an optimised extension. Our expert SIPs desgigners and SIPs installers manage all aspects of design, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation to ensure we create your ideal build. Our team are also happy to discuss the new eco-friendly homes we can create for those planning on moving from their Salisbury house.

Improved Insulation And Thermal Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the extensions we help build is outstanding. SIPs structures are one of the most eco-friendly and energy-saving extensions available. With excellent U-values, builds are extremely thermally efficient, saving you heating bills and making your home more comfortable.

Will A House Extension Add Value?

House extensions can increase the value of your Salisbury property, which means they might be a great investment for you. If you are planning on selling your building and would like to increase its value before doing so, our SIPs contractors manage quick SIPs installations to enhance your property sooner. We also manage SIPs design and SIPs manufacturing to help boast properties as eco-friendly homes.

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