Considerations For SIPs Design in Bournemouth
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At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors specialise in SIPs design, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation. We create all types of eco-friendly homes for customers in Bournemouth and the other areas we cover across Southampton and Hampshire. One of the main benefits of choosing SIPs to create your building is the versatility in design. Our specialists can create any design you want. We are happy for you to contact us to discuss your exact specifications.

Here, our team looks at a few key considerations when designing your bespoke SIPs structure as part of an eco-friendly building system. 

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Working With Design Teams

Unlike many other SIPs providers, we have an in-house design team and a reliable architect that create bespoke SIPs. We work closely with you to create your ideal building. Using CAD software, which is vital when creating complex structures, our experts can establish design elements that will enhance your structure. With value engineering, cost-saving efficiencies and sustainable materials, we are the perfect company to help create your dream eco-friendly building system.


SIPs structures can be misunderstood as boxy and boring buildings, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The flexibility in design is unparalleled, and our SIPs designers can create any shape and size of structure you like. The versatility of SIPs reduces limitations and maximises space, features we achieve without the need for trusses. Our SIPs contractors create spacious roofs that add room and can increase the value of these eco-friendly homes in and around Bournemouth. We complete SIPs manufacturing to exact measurements and carefully manage SIPs installations to ensure your design is precisely achieved. 


  • SIPs buildings are extremely energy efficient, and in order to achieve this benefit, an airtight envelope must be created. 

  • This means that you will need to properly ventilate your property, which is why our experts always recommend MVHR systems. 

  • These systems mean you can maintain a constant flow of fresh air and the air quality in your home. It also helps you keep your heating costs down.


SIPs provide insulation and structure, so an external finish is unnecessary to provide any structural support. This means you can use any type of modern, lightweight cladding system you like, such as timber or render board. At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs Contractors expertly manage SIPs design and SIPs manufacturing to ensure the shell of your building is perfect for your needs. Our SIPs installers can fit SIPs structures in locations with limited access, and our SIPs installations allow builders to continue quickly, so eco-friendly homes are finished faster. 

Our expert SIPs installers are happy to advise you on all of the design services and sustainable materials we provide in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

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