Eco-Friendly Homes in Winchester
Benefits of Using SIPs Contractors for Building Projects

Housing accounts for a large portion of the UK’s total carbon footprint, so eco-friendly homes are becoming increasingly important. At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors create building shells that help reduce the amount of energy used in buildings. We manage SIPs design, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation to create environmentally friendly structures in Winchester and the other areas we cover. Our experts are happy for you to contact us to discuss your upcoming eco-friendly construction work.

The custom SIPs panels we manufacture are built to last. With our fabrications, you will achieve high levels of insulation, minimal thermal bridging and low air leakage. From our workshop in the New Forest, we create SIPs in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.

Here, we discuss a few of the many benefits of using SIPs structures, and our experienced SIPs builders, for eco-friendly construction projects.

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Shorter Supply Chain

Custom SIPs panels are manufactured using fewer materials than classic constructions. SIP construction reduces the number of suppliers and elements means there will be fewer deliveries. Eliminating surplus transport will lower air pollution, congestion and noise pollution, which helps minimise the building project’s environmental impact.

Sustainable Materials for SIP Construction

Our SIPs contractors manufacture the outer skins of SIPs panels from Oriented Strand Board (OSB). OSB is made from suitably accredited fast-growing, young trees grown in plantations. Managing SIPs manufacturing with young trees ensures we use recyclable, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable resources. Our SIPs designs, SIPs manufacturing and SIPs installation all work to create eco-friendly homes in and around Winchester.

Less Waste

  • Excess Materials Can Be Recycled

  • Specialist Systems Used

  • Experts Keeping Waste To a Minimum

  • Waste Repurposed For Smaller Jobs

Reduced Heat Loss

SIPs structures outperform buildings using more traditional construction methods in almost every environmental category. This is because the insulation is a core feature of the system instead of a later addition. Timber is a far better insulator than other materials such as concrete, steel and aluminium because it is naturally low in thermal conductivity.


The OSB is made from sustainably harvested young trees and uses less timber than other construction methods. Timber needs much less energy than concrete to make an equally strong product.

Improved Energy Efficiency

SIPs installations can greatly reduce CO2 emissions from homes in Winchester and the surrounding areas. Much of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions are because of leakages from homes. Leakages can be significantly reduced by lowering energy consumption in buildings, which is why SIPs are the ideal solution. At New Forest SIPs Ltd, our SIPs contractors manage SIPs manufacturing and SIPs design to ensure structures are optimised for energy efficiency.

Our SIPs builders are happy to discuss upcoming building work with prospective customers to help create eco-friendly homes.

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